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Hundreds of Indie Artists are already on the Kb Indie Map with more being added daily. With new artists being added to the KB Radio and KB Indie Radio playlists every week, the map is constantly growing.

Are You On The Map?

KB Indie Shows

KB Radio is just that, Radio. Our station runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Music that is submitted and accepted plays in a rotation like it would on a terrestrial radio station. Meaning that songs aren't played just once during a specific hour and never heard again. KB Indie artists aren't going onto a one-time playlist, they are being played on the radio. Now, having said that, we do run Shows on the station. We do this to provide a platform for a specialized type of music to be played that isn't necessarily a part of our regular programming. It's just another way for us to help Indie artists, who put so much work into their art, be heard consistently. We currently feature jour very own Indie Electronic Show and we have recently added a second show to our station called Forever Synth.
Here are the dates and times.

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