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What is KB Indie Radio?  As KB Radio grew and the popularity of the Indie music we played also grew it began to dawn on me that something very important was missing for the independent artists.  It was wonderful that I and other stations were playing their music, but beyond that so what?  Let's face it, I would get a great song in from a fantastic band, play the hell out of it for a few months and if it was well received it might go into permanent rotation on the station.   But that was maybe 1 for every 250 songs I would receive and play.  So what happened to the rest?  What about the other indie stations who don't play anything but Indie music?  These songs just disappeared.  Can you imagine our world of music if, in history, the greats just disappeared, we wouldn't have the Beatles, Elvis, Queen, Led Zepplin, etc etc to look back on.  So why not give these artists the same opportunity.    That is what KB Indie Radio is in simple terms.  We will debut music on KB Radio and at the same time,  when it airs on KB as new music it will run as new music on KB Indie Radio.  But when songs are done on the main station they won't disappear, they will stay in the rotation.  You won't hear, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, The Cars etc on KB Indie Radio.  It will be all Indie artists 24/7.  The songs you loved on KB Radio will live on the way they deserve.  Plus every artist ever played on either station will have a spot on our world map because music really is a global entity more than ever. 

KB Indie Radio - Global Indie - Are You On The Map?

Al Yardy

Owner, Operator, Head Honcho

KB Radio and KB Radio Family of Stations


You all know me and if you don't you will soon enough.  I own and operate the KB Radio Family of Stations.  The history is there somewhere, lol, I do the live shows etc.  Started in Radio in 1985.  Kind of know the business

Ruth Behun

Operations Manager KB Family of Stations

Hi, I'm Ruth a.k.a Sunny @anmamequ. I organize the daily operations, music submissions charts and promotions for the stations and handle the websites and Twitter for KB AOR, KB Country, and KB Indie.

I love working with the Indie Artists and enjoy finding new ways to promote and encourage them such as the Indie Pages on the websites and the Indie Artists' Map to name a few. I have a blast interacting with the artists and the fans as well so please feel free to say hello and even follow on Twitter if you'd like!


Good Boy, Handsome Man

I hang around the studio and look adorable. 

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