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Featured Artist


Hello KB AOR fans! For this artist session we are featuring a unique band from Seattle, although before you decide to box yourself up and have a friend mail you out there, you may want to verify that. Their bio came with a Get Out Of Jail Free Card which may indicate a need to throw the Feds off their trail.
However, once you dig a little deeper you find a softer side to a band that comes across as the in-your-face type. Ba-dum-tish (This is only funny if you know what a fluffer is.) For the rest of you, thanks for coming, have a great night, try the veal!
According to their Bio,
Fluffer is:


Tony DeMore (Drums/Public Nudity) -

Born in a cross-fire Hurricane Tony was raised by the true masters of the drum thrones.  Swiss watches are set to his perfect meter, and weaker hearts go into arrhythmia with his monster double bass fills.  Tasteful and tasty according to one New Guinea Cannibal, he once turned down a position in RUSH because he simply felt there was no need to hurry.  Turn on’s include shock collars, Pez dispensers, and Albino Spitting Cobra’s.  Turn offs are totally non-existent for this naked skin basher.  He’s an Aquarius.

Matt Bryson (Bass/Backing Vocals) –

A recent new poppa Matt is great at changing diapers and finding binkies which will come in handy as the band ages. Thundering bass grooves blow out 18 inch speakers as he explodes with the creative chops of Flea 69ing Geezer Butler.  His hobbies include making babies, collecting Golden Girl Chia pets, and dressing up as the Cookie Monster.  Matt has contributed such Fluffer hits as Holly Daze and Sheeple. Once won a 1 man three legged race.  


Rob Trosino (Vocals/Guitar) -

Like Robert Johnson he went down to the crossroads, unfortunately, the Devil passed on his soul for music talent trade.  However, Satan did give him a $10 off Groupon for gutter cleaning.  What Rob lacks in skill he makes up for in punctuality.  Is a former plus size underwear model who once posed for the President (at least until the secret service tackled him).  Loves long walks to the bathroom, pigeon boxing, and looking for moles on strangers.  Ace Frehley, Tony Iommi, Oscar the Grouch and Paula Abdul are his biggest musical influences.

  Fluffer has released three albums and is finishing up a fourth. According to ther website all profits from album sales and merchandise go towards charities. I will post the link to their website and you can check out this great band, see their merch and hopefully add Fluffer to your list of Indie Bands to follow and support.
The first song I heard from Fluffer was '"Beg Steal or Borrow" and we immediately added it to our rotation on KB AOR. 
Since then we have been in contact with the band via Twitter and they have been hugely supportive of the station. I was wrapping a up a session on the band Trooper, I had done April Wine and was looking at Foghat as our next session band when I had an exchange with Fluffer and decided to reach out and ask if they would like to be our next feature.
They said no, and I am using all of their links and images without their permission which I am sure they would be very proud of because that's just how they are.
Actually, They were very gracious and not only were they excited about being featured they sent along a care package with some cool merch and have been very accommodating. So, no matter what you may read on their webpage, don't let them fool you. Fluffer is a great group of guys and we are proud to play them on our KB Radio Family of Stations.







Here are some dates to mark on your calendar because being the feature artist on KB AOR isn't just about being exposed on the webpage (I left those pics out). We try to give the artist a chance to connect with folks who may not have heard of them or give current fans something to add to their collection of Fluffer memories that doesn't include a receipt for bail.
So, on Wednesday January 22, 2020 at 8pm Eastern time, tune in to the KB Radio Canada Indie Music Show to hear a LIVE interview with Fluffer by the one and only Al Yardy. https://www.kbradio.ca/
If you miss that one, the show, including the interview, will replay on Thursday January 23, at 8am Eastern at https://www.kbradio.ca/ 
If you miss that one, it will replay on Saturday January 25, at NOON Eastern on KB Indie Radio at https://kbradiocanada.wixsite.com/kbindieradio 
If you miss that one, it's cool. It hurts, but it's cool. The interview will, in a reasonable amount of time, be added to our SoundCloud and we will be sure to post the link when it does. And we will also post reminders that the shows are playing, so we hope with all of that you get a chance to check out the band and give them your support!
The final date to mark is Friday January 24, 2020. On this date we will be playing 2 albums from Fluffer in their entirety. One in the afternoon and one in the evening. 
The "Fluffer" album will play at 3pm ET on KB AOR. That's this website right here so just go to our homepage and hit play!
The "World's On Fire" album will play at 9pm ET.
For now, I am going to let the guys speak for themselves. Check out their website  https://www.flufferrocks.com/ 
Follow them on Twitter  https://twitter.com/Flufferrocks
Follow them on Facebook

Follow them on Instagram

And last but not least... Spotify



We hope you'll join us this week on 
so you don't miss out on our Feature Artist, Fluffer.
Thanks for checking us out and don't forget to tune in!!


We hope you enjoyed this featured artist session. Follow us on Twitter @KB_AOR_CAN

and tune in to hear all the best classic and Indie music.

I think everyone has at least one album cover that sparks those memories as only a great album cover can.  Come take a mental stroll down memory lane and see what feelings emerge.

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